The Fountain

6/28 Concerning Adventurers

Our Adventurers all happen by the Westgate town square when an explosion erupts from the side of a blacksmith’s shop knocking an Elf Cleric by the name of Carric (Keddy) on his ass only to have a kind Dragonborn Fighter, Chora Ojanen (Ian) come to his assistance to protect against a group of Kobold raiders. On the other side of the town square Bok, an Elf Avenger who was chatting up a fair maiden joins the fight along with a Genasi Swordmage by the name of Alastair Felsennest.

As the fight ensues, the elves show their experience, dealing the majority of the damage and taking out several of the kobolds. The Fighter doing a decent about of damage served his role as protector of the group. The 20 year old Swordmage’s inexperience is obvious considering he barely lands a single blow against the enemies.

The Kobold Leader manages to escape back through the large hole in the blacksmith’s shop.

Immediately following the skirmish, the four group up for introductions. The Elves take a moment to exchange information as the Dragonborn and Genasi take a moment to comment on Alastair’s lack of effectiveness in battle.

Liege-lord Kalton in his supreme douche-iness interrupts the group and offers a bounty to take care of the Kobold Raiders. 5 gold for every scalp.

Accompanied by the scouts Biggs and Wedge, the adventuring party travels to the Kobold estate. Finding a large group of kobold dead in the courtyard, Carric and Chora refuse to scalp the dead, whereas Bok and Alastair compete for hairy prizes.

In searching for more scalps the group stumbles across a secret entrance to the mansion and decides to enter that way.

Once inside, the group dispatches a group of kobolds and proceeds to the next room. A large portcullis blocks their path. They spot a lever covering with lots of thick foliage. The group cut through the foliage and proceed through the opening, A hall filled with different colored tiles on the floor, the group elects Chora to take point. They chose the lighter of the tiles, and the Dragonborn pays the price for his wrong choice with an arrow to the knee. Approaching the next door, they move cautiously, and Chora manages to dodge the door’s protections.

Immediatly following that hall another opens up to show another of the same design. Again they choose a tile color and again choose wrongly. This time a large boulder comes tumbling down and chases the group down the hall. cue raiders theme Carric stumbles and falls to the ground to be saved by Alastair. The group comes crashing out into a cavern rimmed by a cliff-side. A dragon awaits. After an intense battle, Bok deals the killing blow to the frost dragon.

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